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Propolis Ginseng Honey

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Propolis Ginseng Honey
Propolis adalah antibiotik semulajadi yang telah diketahui sejak zaman dahulu. Ia boleh membantu meningkatkan kecergasan tubuh badan.

Kombinasi propolis, madu dan ginseng membantu meningkatkan kesejahteraan tubuh badan secara umum.

Madu bermutu tinggi yang dikisar bersama propolis dan ginseng.

Origin of Propolis:
Our honeybees collect resins as a basic material on the buds of poplars, birches, pine trees etc. After the resin is chewed by the honeybee, and with the addition of saliva, other substances are formed. The finished product is called Propolis. Propolis is of vital importance for the survival of the bees. Not only does it protect them against diseases, but also against climatic changes, such as wind and cold.

Propolis consists of more than 100 substances.Propolis is composed of 50‑55% resin and balms, 30% wax, 5% fixed substances such as clump, greases, amino acids, organic acids, composed ethers of alcohol, elements of spores and microelements such as iron, copper manganese, zinc, aminocids, phytoncides, and antibiotics, plus a high content of vitamins B,E,C,H and P, as well as pro‑vitamin A. Pollens make up 4 to 10% in the composition of the product.

Propolis is an age‑old remedy that has been receiving a lot of attention lately. It is used extensively in the now defunct Warsaw Pact countries and Propolis is well known in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Belgium. It is not yet as well known overseas.

The following problems treated by Propolis showed satisfactory improvements all over the world:
1) Acne
2) Asthma
3) Arthritis
4) Bums
5) Boils
6) Bleeding gums
7) Bedsores and Blisters
8) Burning tongues
9) Callused feet
10) Others

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